Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

i want fly and apologize

I want fly with my wings like angel and see the world from sky high. and I say how small this world. i feel boring with this life
just up in the morning, work, go home and up in the morning again. that sucks!!!
When i bored, i walking on any place like movies, mall, and andother spot. But that was boring..
When have girlfriend, we hangout, we like together, and broken heart.. find again.. that was very suck..!! i want fast married, just that. not gonna happen with have girlfriend, just call wife.. that was awesome..
and have little daughter..ohh so cute..
i want to go to venice italy, paris, and another city on the world. yeah that was my dream travelling around the world.
When i see another kid, i want to be kid again. without stress, without tired, just playing around and notihing to think harder..
I'm very sorry about all the whole was i have a mistake with my own. i'm sorry my friend, my family, if i get mistake.. please forgive me.. i know i'm stupid with this apologize.
I'm very sorry. when i crying, that was harder to said..

2 komentar:

  1. keep your spirit...
    semua akan menjadi lebih baik jika waktunya sudah tiba kak..

  2. iya .. melangkah tuk lebih baik. smile and easy going