Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

Fiuhh.. 31 december.. is last day for 2010

Fiuhh.. 31 december.. is last day for 2010. In bandung now. wanna trip go to Paris van java now. After work, i with my friends go for walking-walking :D
New year in night doesn't have destination

Senin, 27 Desember 2010

Launch with sate ayam hotplate and gulai kambing

Yes that was delicious. No more please.. i full right now
That place in backside samsat, the price average high.
Now back to debugging program again. Work work work

Minggu, 26 Desember 2010

Ride with Moge

This picture taken from POLDA JABAR, Indonesia. Feel it, and enjoy ride..

2 months life in bandung

First November im arrive from surabaya to Bandung. Yes i work in bandung right now. just little project on mabes case about BPKB Online system with ASP.NET. With my team is exactly have a job desk individually.
We can straight now step by step more complex and finish already. just little more on BBN II. I must keep spirit.

Life in bandung make fullfill my body. make fat program :D LOL
I wanna go home before new year with my family

Euforia Indonesia was lose

First League in AFF 2010. Indonesia with malaysia final.
Lose concentration because laser green from malaysia. Is there any fair play on malaysia ?
why you do that ? are you afraid lose ? you can play enough well.
C'mon Indonesia, in second league you must win better more than 3-0