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The Woman has 18 time miscarriage

Wow.. i surprise. the woman has 18 time miscarriage. Oh my god.. here is for info
ECSTATIC Angie Baker cradles her priceless "miracle" baby yesterday - after suffering EIGHTEEN miscarriages.
Angie - whose body kept attacking her foetus as a VIRUS - beamed at tiny bundle of joy Raiya and said: "I still have to pinch myself."

A medical breakthrough saw her become a first-time mum at 33 after 13 years of trying.

Even though so many miscarriages are practically unheard of, doctors kept telling her: "It's just one of those things."

Angie and partner Lee Gibson, 31 - a martial arts instructor - were considering adoption when they heard about a new treatment for miscarriage-prone women.


The doctor pioneering it FINALLY diagnosed why she kept losing her babies. Angie's virus-killing white blood cells were out of control.

Dr Shehata
Pioneer ... Dr Shehata
Instead of protecting her unborn baby, they kept mistaking it for an invader that had to be attacked.

The test that pinpoints the problem - which affects 15 per cent of women - is only available at three hospitals worldwide.

One is in Epsom, Surrey - where Angie cuddled her daughter yesterday.

Angie's saviour Dr Hassan Shehata had come up with a steroid treatment to combat the condition.

But even he admitted Angie's case was extreme. He said yesterday: "Eighteen miscarriages is a huge number.

You're more likely to win the lottery than have 18 miscarriages through bad luck."

Raiya, now ten weeks old, was born a healthy 7lb.

Angie, from Peacehaven, East Sussex, said: "She's perfect in every way - my little miracle."

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