Rabu, 16 Juni 2010

Do you want to be rich ? Choose trading online

Yeah, when iam college, I trading online. Sometimes profit and loss.
Trading is simple and easy. Not worry to lose.
Here is tips :
When you trade, your modal must be 10% to your trade. This tips called "Management money"
I have 2 type trading :
1. Iam Trading forex. This is I first learn. I just follow sms to make pending order. So not think so much.
2. Iam trading sports exchange, This I have lot profit. 1 month 100% your modal will be return.
This is my real story, I trading with 100$ modal. 1 month next, I have 210$, I take 100$. So money to trade very relieved.
And then, my father give me modal 500$ again, my fault in here. Im not doing management money, so I loss all. I trade all 500$. So my money just 100$. This is I learn, how to keep your money, big or small. You must take risk 10% to your modal.

My location in Surabaya, Indonesia.
If you want learn forex you can call me, just RP. 1.000.000,- for training forex until you Professional and Profit. You can have automatic sms for pending order, just easy
If you want trading sports exchange, just Rp. 2.000.000,- for training sports exchange until you profit and I give you best tips and trick.

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