Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

Noon and night

This afternoon i go to lunch
Before lunch, i with my friends want to buy ticket to surabaya. Afi want go home to surabaya. So we go to sastra husain negara airport.
After we arrive in the airport we eat some food. "bubur kacang ijo" and "batagor". Some indonesia food most popular.
After that we go to mall i forgot that name. We eat mcd panas special and sundae blueberry. Ohh very full i can't eat again.
We going back in the hotel. And i watch movie on my notebook. This movie is "salt". This movie is the best i ever seen. Awesome, the action, story, and many conspiracy was so complex.
Dinner we going to front of hotel. Yes indeed, pecel lele. And then i see on hbo, when the wild things are. Story about children with big monster

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